Fashion: Tokyo Girls Collection

This weekend, Tokyo Girls Collection (TGC for short) was held at Yoyogi National Stadium. This bi-annual event run by girlswalker showcases some of the best of Tokyo’s girls fashion. It focuses mainly on younger brands, and used to be much more gal leaning. This year there’s been more of a presence from western brands like American Apparel (who are planning a collaboration with popularJapanese mode brand EMODA) which shows the popularity they have amongst young people in Japan.  You can see the list of brands that took part here.

Natsumi Saito for Bubbles

Natsumi Saito for Bubbles

Taking place a fortnight before Tokyo Fashion Week, TGC really shows the more accessible side of Japanese fashion and has grown in popularity since it’s beginnings. The general atmosphere is much more like a Victoria’s Secret fashion show, with Charisma models taking part and playing around with the crowd. This year  included popular models like Hana Imai, Natsumi Saito, and even actresses like Aya Omasa. They also have performances from music acts. This year they had Thelma Aoyama and also BIGBANG who are of course very popular in Japan and gearing up for a comeback if YG is to believed (probably not though lol).

big bang 2015

Big Bang gearing up for a 2015 comeback

I had work so I couldn’t attend this year but there was a lot of social media buzz with both the official twitter account live-tweeting and re-tweeting the event and live updates to instagram. Touches like this just show how TGC is aimed towards a younger audience. Most of the clothes could be bought online immediately after they’re shown on the catwalk too which is a great idea. They even had an official app.  If you look at the Report section of the webpage you can see pictures from the show and link to buy the items now.

Omasa Aya in dazzlin'

Aya Omasa in dazzlin’

Imai Hana for actus color

Hana Imai for actus color

Also, if you look on the TGC YouTube channel now you can see previous shows too. It’s a really good resource for those with their eye on Japanese fashion but aren’t actually here in person. Of course most of these brands rip from the main trends the bigger brands put out but these are the clothes the girls in the street are actually wearing. I feel like in Japan the trends take much quicker than in the UK which is part of what makes the street style here seem so unique.

Tsuchiya Anna walking for moussy

Anna Tsuchiya walking for moussy

TGC is also planning to head to NY to do an event, in similar fashion to those it’s done in Paris and Beijing before. This makes me think these brands are pretty serious about expanding their foreign market. I’m really interested to see what changes that has, if any, on the clothes from a basic design sense and also for marketing.


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