Beauty: February Nails

nails feb 2015 1

This is what my nails look like atm. It’s starting to get a bit warmer so I wanted to go with a more spring feel, hence the brighter colours and flowers this time. I struggled to choose colours just like always but in the end mint won the day. I really like this colour against my skin tone and I’ve bought a lot of clothes in similar shades lately.  The flowers are sculpted but they really don’t seem it after the top gel coat was applied. Though this makes the design lose some of it’s interest, I prefer it because I’m always catching my hands on things anyway.

I actually had a set of nails in between these and my last post but they were very boring because I had to attend a conference and I’d like to keep my rule breaking as unnoticeable as possible at events like that. Bambi had revamped all it’s art with loads of cute designs that I’d wanted to try so I was really looking forward to this appointment but in the end was offered the same old art as before. This confused me but I went with one of the cute monthly options instead anyway. I think I’m going to change salons after this set. It’s a hassle but it might be worth it.


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